Chordname entry and multi measure rests causes crash

• Oct 12, 2013 - 09:01
S2 - Critical

Create a flute score with 4 quarter notes, a chordname on the first note, and a multimeasure rest in the next measure. Or load the attached file.

Double click the chordname and press tab --> Crash.

What would be the expected behavior?
- Chord symbols entry should skip the mmRest?
- Chord symbols entry should unfold the mmRest?
- Chord symbols should be written on the mmRest?

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chordnamesMmRest.mscz 1.49 KB


First, for me, this only crashes if I save and reload the score after creating the mm rest but before editing it. If I try editing directly after creating the score and the mm rest, tab doesn't crash.

As for what it should do, I think the behavior should be exactly the same as if you start entering notes and then go into a multimeasure rest, whatever that is. Right now, I find that entering notes crashes MuseScore exactly as entering chords does. That is, things work fine if I do the edit immediately after creating the score & mm rest. But if I save then reload, clicking the first measure and re-entering notes crashes as soon as I run into the rest. So the crash seems to not be specific to chordnames.

If I don't save/reload the score, then entering notes unfolds the rest as I enter notes. Works quite nicely. I think chords should be the same.

This assumes we also deal with #14146: Bars with text shouldn't be part of multi bar rests. As I mention in a response there, I feel that any measure with *any* explicitly-added content (as opposed to "system" content like rehearsal marks) should not be considered empty and should thus not only break a mm rest but should not be included in an mm rest at all. If you don't adopt that view, then it makes no sense for entering a chordname to unfold the rest.