space between one grand stave

• Jul 9, 2017 - 20:24

How can i alter the spacing between ONE grand stave ( piano score ) It is much deeper than all the others for some reason, but i can only change all the staves in the whole piece, not just this one. When i do, the larger proportion remains.
Any tips?!


The spacing between staves within one grand staff is wider than the rest, then you must have an element on one of the staves that is adding that space: e.g., a staff spacer, lyrics, or a fretboard diagram. It's possible the problem is an empty lyric so you can't even see it unless you know how to look for these. If you still have trouble locating the issue, then indeed, attaching the score will allow us to figure it out for you.

Sorry for delay in answering....thank you for your comments
I ended up using text function instead of lyric function to add dynamics text. I then moved it from above stave to the middle which stopped the stave suddenly becoming deeper.

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Regular Dynamics shouldn't influence the spacing and show below the staff they got applied to by Default, so between staves if applied to top staff.
Lyrics indeed would increase spacing though, but using them for Dynamics is considerd misuse...
As is using plain staff text for this, BTW.

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