Opening MIDI files not working

• Aug 6, 2009 - 10:02

(0.9.5 rc2, Tiger, G5)

I can't use midi files. First Muse crashed instantly everytime I tried to open any .mid-files.
Then I opened 4 or 5 normal files simultaneously and then a mid file.
Since then muse misteriously crashes no more (even after I quit and restarted)...
...but it says "load failed: midi file format 256 not implemented", with different files.


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I didn't test MIDI input and ouput for PPC, because I don't have a PPC but now you say it. It has to be checked... Because PowerPC have a difference endianness than Intel (where I compile...)

I will try to take a look before 0.9.5 stable release but I will need beta testers ;)

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