shortcut "{" for Add less stress does not work in c351315

• Sep 29, 2013 - 11:03
S4 - Minor

but the function works fine if using Layout/Add less strech
I tryed to use it by creating another shortcut. Then It worked fine.
Seems that "{" is not recognized.

Win 7 Home Premium 64 bits
Notebook Asus K52JT (i5 core)



I have similar but not identical issues on a Swedish keyboard using Musescore 2.0 in Linux Mint 17.1 (using package for ubuntu 14.04).

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a new score and enter some notes
2) Make sure "whole note" is not selected, eg. by selecting "half note" (hit 6 on the keyboard)
3) Select a measure
4) Use the keyboard shortcut AltGr-7 (which is corresponds to '{' on a Swedish keyboard.

What happens:
1) Whole note get selected in the toolbar (Same as typing '7' only)

Expected behaviour:
1) Decrease of the layout stretch in the selected measure

Further investigations:
1) I do ONLY see the bug in Linux. I do not see the problem on the same machine when it is running windows 7, 64 bit. This makes my observation slightly different than the problem "leBeginner" describes above.
2) There is a similar problem for the shortcut '}'. In fact from what I can see, the problem is that NO AltGr-combination works as shortcut at all. When I change the shortcut (Edit-Preferences->Shortcuts) to any key combination without AltGr everything works fine. However when I try to change to some combination using AltGr (such as AltGr+7) I get some strange characters in the dialogue windows. See screenshot below.


There is something fishy here.. I tried to assing some other key combinations to "decrease stretch", and most of them seems to work except control-w! (I tried "#" (which is shift-3 on my keyboard) and "'" which is just a button)
So I can confirm what Gai-Luron wrote above in comment #4.

It seems to be at least two bugs here:
1) control-w cannot be used as a shortcut. At all. I tried to assign some other actions to control-w and I did not get any to work.
2) AltGR-shortcuts does not work at all. Can anyone get them to work in Linux, or maybe someone can confirm my results above?

Maybe I should create separate issue for bug #2?

Same here, [AltGR+B] (='{') doesn't work, and if not mistaken, I have reported this way back already.
I have accidentally just pressed [Ctrl+B] and it acted as [AltGR+B] (Decrease stretch).
So, shortcuts seem to be a mess.
Slovenian keyboard (via Logitech K360 Wireless keyboard).
Dell Latitude 6320 laptop
Win 7 Pro

Best regards,

It's not that "shortcuts" are a mess, it's that there is no way to support every single keyboard layout in the world with one set of shortcuts. Ultimately, we may provide localized shortcuts sets optimized to work with different keyboard layouts, but for now, if you find a particular shrotcut that doesn't work on your particular keyboard / OS, simply reassign it to something that does work.

Generally, I have experienced same (similar) issue - i.e. I assign shortcut [Alt+2] to Voice 2, and it works (together with the rest shortcuts, like [Alt+1] for Voice 1, [Alt+3] for Voice 3 and [Alt+4] for Voice 4), but then soon after, this particular one [Alt+2] stops working, while other ones do work without problemo.
"...but for now, if you find a particular shortcut that doesn't work on your particular keyboard / OS, simply reassign it to something that does work"
Mark, with all respect, this is what our posts are about - I can not find the shortcut that works, otherwise I would not complain/report. And with the ones that I find that do work, they work erratic.
I have just checked again - when MS 2 is restarted, my custom shortcuts don't work anymore. Neither of the above, nor if I change keyboard layout to English.
Attached is pdf with SLO keyboard, and what is particularly weird, is how MS receives keyboard inputs. Please see.

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