How to pitch unpitched percussions?

• Sep 27, 2013 - 13:14

I'm trying to write a score for a samba bateria, and they asked me an audio version.
I couldn't find any usable samba soundfont but, as somebody suggested, I'm trying to use a standard GM soundfont (the big, more-than-100MB one) looking for the most similar sounds.

I could use bass drum for surdos and cowbell sound for agogo and so on. BUT: there are three types of surdos, pitched differently, written on three lines on the same staff. Same problem with agogo, they are two on two lines.
If I assign a bass drum sound to the surdos staff I don't get the correct sound playing. And even if I was able to get the correct sound I wouldn't know how to pitch it correctly for every line.

Anybody can help or suggest me a workaround?

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It seems to me that what you require is a series of customised drumsets.

I think all of the sounds you require are actually in the General MIDI drum soundset, but are just not showing in MuseScore.

If you watch my tutorial video on Editing the Drumset it will show you how to do that.

A list of GM drumset sounds can be found here:

You may need to use some imagination ie the lower tom sounds could be used as surdos, agogo is already there.


PS If you need further help with this don't hesitate to come back here.

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