Guitar Tab notation

• Sep 24, 2013 - 10:32
S5 - Suggestion

many articulations are missing for the guitar tab notation.

1 - Various types of "bend" : actually, only full bend (bend of two semitone) is displayed in the "Articulation an Ornaments" tab. Are missing :
- Slight Bend : Microtone bend (1/4)
- Half step bend : bend of one semitone (1/2)
- Whole and half step bend : bend of 3 semitones (1 1/2)
- 2 whole steps bend : bend of 4 semitones (Yes, it is possible.... Hard, but possible)
- Bend and release : The string is played then bend (1, 2, 3 or 4 semitones) during a certain duration before it's released.…

- Prebend : String is bent (1, 2, 3 or 4 semitones) before picking
- Compound Bend and Release (only first note is plucked)
- Unisson Bend : 2 notes are plucked at the same time. The lower note is then bent to reach the height of the treeble one.

2 - Hammer-On and Pull off are not formerly present, but they can be achieved using slur.
So it's ok to me.

3 - Slide

the list is obviously not complete, But with this, the tablature edition will become really interresting.

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Hi LeBeginner

Thanks for filing!

It maybe better to file each thing separately for the future though, since some of it is already implemented.

Hi Chen Lung,

actually, I find hard to find all the elements already implemented in MuseScore 2.0
That's Why I gave these pictures. I think it allows to have a wide point of view of what is missing.

For bends, bend and release, prebend etc... the palette doesn't list all of them indeed. But they are implemented. Drag the full bend on a note, right click it, and choose Bend properties. Once you created some of them, you can drag them in the palette, or a new palette dedicated to guitar (To create a new palette, right click and press insert palette).

Could you try it and give feedback? Maybe then make other feature requests, and explain what is really missing and what's the most important to you?


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Ok, I've tried the bend properties tool. Very nice. But there is still a small problem. The bend and release symbol doesn't take into account the duration of the bent note.
It's not possible to write a hold bend.


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Status (old) needs info active


after more than one year and a first beta version, there are no news about the different tab notation elements that are still missing (mainly slide for chords or double stops, and also the hold bend feature).

any news ?

No, it is not currently possible for slurs or glissandi lines to automatically connect specific nites. The issue is just formally requesting that one specific feature, which is usually a necessary first step. Meanwhile, the workaround remains to create ordinary slurs and/or lines and position them manually.

ok !
I know how to creates slurs for a chord, but didn't find the way to create the good lines for slides (except the one for glissandi). Any help is welcome !

Everyoe notates things differently; what kind of slide notation are you looking for? Something different form just an ordinary straight line as foudn on the Lines palette?

In fact,I can draw a single slide using glissandi tool but I can't find the ordinary straight line in the lines palette. Am I such a blind fool ? :-(

Ah ok ! Fine.
In fact, I was troubled by the fact that this line is create above the staf.
Ok, so finaly, it's not perfect but useful.

2 notes or more (a complete chord for example).
The actual solution does not allowed to obtain perfect parallel lines of the same size.
But at least, it allows to write it properly.

Now, I'm still waiting for an improment of the bend editor that would allow to write a the curve of a bend proportionnaly to the duration of the bended note, and also that would allow the famous long awaited (by me) hold-bend....

I vote for "select 2 note heads, then double click that line and have it automatically connect the 2 note heads". Very good idea Jojo.

Saves considerable time in perspective, instead of systematically reviewing the length, and manual placement in the right place between two notes.

Do you think the implementation would fairly easy or fairly difficult? Thanks.

Ah, I was glad to learn that it would not be that difficult to implement.
Before reading that this issue for glissandi was raised there four-five years ago (wow!), and that the PR (partial) is in the fridge since last summer 2014.
We'll have to be very patient, I fear! :-)

I should clarify that I have not *tried* to implement it, but on the surface it doesn't seem hard to do a passable job. Could be tricky figuring out how to behave in the presence of accidentals or other markings. In any case, I don't want to lead anyone to the impression it's something I think has a high likelihood of appearing before 2.0. Seems more like a project for some future release to me.

Hello !

back to the "hold bend" feature... And it seems that I have found a way to notate this using MuseScore (actually working with the Musescore 2.0 Beta 1).
I Found the solution while having a look at Sibelius.
I just used a combination of a classic bend as produced by MuseScore, and added a line that I modified to obtain a "Hold Bend" line, then I saved the new line in the pallet (shift+ctrl+drag). I can now use it as needed.
To indicate the end of the "hold bend", I just need to put the root note of the bend between parenthesis.

Hold Bend.PNG

I'm happy to see that MuseScore is enough flexible to allow this.

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