MXL import sometimes fails

• Sep 24, 2013 - 08:10
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I have done an experiment. I took a (as far as I could see) valid mxl file that is imported correctly by mscore and other software that I use (xml2abc, musicxml2ly, finale)

Then I unzipped the file using the unzip command (Linux Fedora 19, unzip-6.0-10)
# unzip test.mxl

Then I re-created the file using the zip command (Linux Fedora 19, zip-3.0-7)
# zip -r test.mxl META-INF test.xml

After this useless exercise the resulting mxl file is not imported anymore by mscore:

"Unsupported PKZip version. Skipping file.
Segmentatiefout (geheugendump gemaakt)"

But the mxl is still correctly read in my other software.

I also tried another method, using a Python script importing the zipfile or zlib module, to exract and re-create the mxl file. Using this method there are no such problems.

So I guess it might be unzip-6.0 that's causing problems.
Update: or rather I guess it's zip-3.0 that's causing the problems

But I am still reporting this as a bug because Finale, xml2abc, and musicxml2ly can read these files correctly. Only mscore crashes on them.

I will try to attach 2 examples test1.mxl and test2.mxl. test1 is OK, test2 is not OK with mscore.

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I am using the mscore version that is in the official Linux Fedora 19 repositories:

#rpm -q mscore

I´ll see if I can get the most recent nightly build running to test the issue.

Title mxl import fails ... sometimes MXL import sometimes fails
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That would be good - thanks!

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OK. The problem seems to be fixed in the latest nightly build versions.
Thank you!

First I tried:…

But this file seems to be damaged. Can someone take a look at this?)

So I tried the next in the list:…

And this one, after I had installed some missing Qt5 components on my system, works fine with both test1.mxl and test2.mxl.