High screen resolution (SP4) small Palette names, Inspector

• Jun 26, 2017 - 06:39

I found some topics on this, but still not clear. Is it possible in v2.1 to increase the font size of the palettes names and Inspector (overall). They are too small for me to comfortably see or use. I changed some settings in Prefs, but this just did the top menus.


In order to make suggestions we'd need to understand more about the problem. The sizes for GUI elements in MuseScore should follow the application font size settings you made in your OS (Windows?) and should automatically account for screen resolution. We have seen some isolated cases where for whatever reason this doesn't work properly. Depending on the specifics of what is going on, the solution might be to increase the application font size settings in the OS, or using the icon size controls in Edit / Preferences, or using either the "-x" or "-D" command line options to specify a scaling factor or absolutely DPI value directly. Can you share a screenshot?

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No, there is no MuseScore-specific font size. There is an overall application font size that all applications should use. Which is to say, MuseScore text should be the same size as all other applications on your system. Are you saying this is not true for you? Hard to say from your screen shot because it does not show any other applications.

While in general fonts in MuseScore should be standard size and scale.according to resolution, we have heard one or two other reports where for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be working. So far we don't really understand why.

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In case there is a difference of the font size to other applications, could you test as workaround the suggestion with the QT Scale Factor?

It works for another user maybe with a similar problem at least on Linux: https://musescore.org/en/node/140636#comment-698316, but maybe it work's for Windows too.

Not sure about Windows: maybe you have to start "musescore.exe" including the path of the directory or change to the directory before. And not sure, if it will work with your installed QT version.
(see: http://blog.qt.io/blog/2016/01/26/high-dpi-support-in-qt-5-6/)

I'm having the same problem, of palette icon sizes being way too small (taskbar icons were also too small, but I figured out how to make them bigger). This does seem to be a resolution problem; I'm using a 32" (diagonal) TV monitor, with Windows 10. Could you tell me in plain English how to try the "-x" solution? I'm not clear what "command line" means.

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"Command line" is not some MsueScore-specific term, it's something pretty much all computer systems provide. For Windows 10, try typing "cmd" into the search box at lower left of the desktop (next to the Start menu). You'll get a window where you can type commands.

To learn the command line options relevant to MuseScore, check out the following link: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/command-line-options-0

Check out the link mentioned in that article ("See also "Revert to Factory Settings") for more information on how to form a MuseScore command line.

Back in the day, qe didn't have these fancy window thingies; all interaction with computers was command line!

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