Brackets misplaced when staves are hidden

• Sep 15, 2013 - 18:20
S4 - Minor


1. Create score with brackets that contains sections of rest in one or more parts
2. select "hide empty staves" and "don't hide empty staves in first system"

Expected result: Brackets will automatically adjust to the number of active staves within the originally bracketed group
Actual result: Brackets are too long, absent, or misplaced.

Pdf and .mscz attached

Using MuseScore 2.0 e4173e8 and Windows 7


Status (old) active needs info

In current builds, I don't see any issues with brackets too long or misplaced. It *is* true that brackets only appear if there more than one staff in the group present - this is what I would consider expected behavior.

If you have a case where you think things are still not as expected, please post with specific instructions to reproduce.

It *is* true that instruments consisting of multiple staves (eg, piano) but where only one staff remains after the hiding don't show the bracket. This is normally desired behavior, but I could imagine there might be cases where you don't want it. That is, cases where you you want a bracket "connecting" a staff to itself only. I could imagine an option to force this - probably a staff property.

Unaware that an issue had been filed, I was about to produce one that also encompassed this , until Marc questioned why you would need one if there is only one staff.

Some scores I have utilise brackets, but I'm not sure its use is always correct.

I'm a bit lazy to research 'Behind Bars', but what does it say about the subject?

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Correct, schmorrect. As with many aspects of music notation, there is no correct - just what one editor happens to prefer for one situation versus what a different editor might prefer in that same situation, or the same editor might prefer in two different situations.

Which is to say, I think a feature request to add control over this would be a nice idea.

Status (old) needs info fixed

I'm going to close this bug report, then. chenlung, feel free to submit a feature request to add some sort of option to keep brackets - I do agree it's a good idea, and if possible for 2.0 I'll see about adding it. I think it should probably be an attribute of the bracket itself, as even within the same score you might want want some one-line brackets suppressed and others not. Currently, there is no way to attach attributes to brackets other than the standard visibility/color/offset, but I think a checkbox in Inspector should be doable.