Create a tuplet on a selected mmrest leads to corruption

• Jun 19, 2017 - 11:52
Reported version
S2 - Critical

2.1 version 871c8ce/ Windows10

1) New score with part, eg: mmrest tuplet.mscz
2) View part

- Your aim is to begin by a tuplet. But let's say you are a bit tired or in a rush or by discover the programm (in my case: second one, by testing something) :)

3) Select the mmrest (or the range selection, no matter)
4) Ctrl + 3

Result: you say... oops! Unexpected.
tuplet mmrest.jpg
5) then type 5-> again Ctrl + 3 (You forgot to undoing...)

You say: whew! And
step 2.jpg
6) Enter your tuplet

7) Save/Close/Reload:
mmrest tuplet save.mscz

Result: corruption, which leads to bad things of course (nevertheless, the corruption is visible before save, in main score, measures 11 and 22)

- Many other related scenarios, in particular after deletion of the tuplet: satb.mscz
So, the score is already corrupted -> ignore -> cut the tuplet -> bad things type measure 0/1
Other result:

- In any case, the main point is the sequence of steps # 3 and #4


An easy fix would be to simply disable this operation. Given that it isn't really clear what the expected results would be anyhow, that's probably the best option.

Status (old) patch (ready to commit) fixed
Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 2.2, commit ba54f4509e

fix #224781: corruption creating tuplet on mmrest (porting ab28b7e from MarcSabatella into 2.2)