Crash on deleting all measures in a score

• Jun 18, 2017 - 03:33
Reported version
S2 - Critical

I haven't seen this bug anywhere else in the issue tracker.

Create a new score (I've tried this with only one to many instruments). Then delete all the measures to create an empty score. Crashes at this point.

It should just allow for an empty score.

Unstable Prerelease for Version: 3.0.0
Revision: 22af1e6

OS: Windows 10 64-bit


I cannot reproduce by now this issue with 22af1e6 / Windows10

1) I create a score for flute (filled with notes): flute 1.mscz
2) Cltr + A
3) Del

Result: as expected: empty score (no crash)

- I observe nevertheless that Ctrl + Del (after select all) doesn't work. But no crash too.

Could you precise exactly the steps (and which score) you are using?

Open the attached score in (22af1e6) / Windows 10.
Ctrl + A
Ctrl + Del

For what it's worth, I opened my up to date branch in Qt and did the same test. I still crashed and here is the stack trace.

1 QListData::size qlist.h 113 0xe4b916
2 QList::operator[] qlist.h 544 0xe3bf35
3 Ms::System::staff system.h 116 0xe2230f
4 Ms::BarLine::pagePos barline.cpp 171 0x75fc0d
5 Ms::Element::pageBoundingRect element.h 249 0xe22ef1
6 Ms::BspTree::items bsp.cpp 144 0x95c7eb
7 Ms::Page::items page.cpp 60 0x8385b7
8 Ms::ScoreView::paint scoreview.cpp 1026 0x4077b1
9 Ms::ScoreView::paintEvent scoreview.cpp 891 0x406a4b
10 ZN7QWidget5eventEP6QEvent 0x2278c69a
11 wcstok_s 0x7742214e
12 ?? 0x206acccc

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Yes, it was the default score I used also.
I don't understand exactly why, but after a RevertToFactorySettings (same nigthly, of course), I can reproduce too, by now.