Is this possible?

• Aug 19, 2013 - 05:37

hi.. im messing around with scripts.. but im not sure what are its capabilities in musescore.
ive read lots of things but im still not sure if this is possible

1 - assign a color based on relative measure position like red for notes in the 1st 1/4, yellow in the 2nd, green in the third, and blue the 4th, like shown below
2 - assign a different color in the first and last notes of a measure, shown below
3 - set measure visibility. Turn the selected measures invisible/visible

are this things possible?

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In which version of MuseScore?

In 1.3
1/ should be possible, if you restrict the usage to scores without time sig change. You will be able to color the notehead only though.
2/ This is possible, but again just the notehead.
3/ not possible in 1.3.

For the next version, the framework is still in development. You would need to try it and let us know what you are missing so we can add the missing features. I'm pretty sure coloring beams and stems is not possible yet.

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im using 1.3.. the nightly version is crashing a lot (mostly when i try to undo something) so ill wait till the definitive version is released.
until 2.0 is released ill try to learn the most i can on scripting

that would be cool can manually color code the notes for the beats but I know that takes a lot more's a document of what you could do if you're up for doing the extra work...
Also, it would be cool to be able to easily highlight say the first beat of every measure, or the third beat of every measure, or be able to highlight every other measure or every 3rd or 4th measure for repeated things and be able to paste to paste something in all at once that would be the same which happens in music sometimes.
Or if you made a mistake, you could be able to highlight a specific chord or note, like highlight every middle c quarter note that's on the 4th beat of a measure and replace it with a C major chord instead or something...something. Also, could be cool to have a text style option for odd and even measures like you do for odd and even lines

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