TAB for 7 strings guitar and 5 strings bass

• Aug 10, 2013 - 15:53
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

TAB in menu are for 6 strings only (bass only for 4) - R4f8cdbb Nightly Build


I have a normal staff (7 strings guitar ) then i add a new staff to get TAB :

Insert > Instrument > select the original staff , then clic Add Staff (or Add Linked staff)

a empty new staff was created
now select staff type (Standard built-in) to Tablature - the menu on the right side -

I have tried to select different option, but when i add a string (yes the 7'th):

select a bar (empty) right clic > staff properties > 7 strings appeared , right tuned, right order, all seems to be ok.....

but the tablature still have only the standard 6 seems that the new 7th low string is in the first place...

this is the link for a good explanation on tabalature creation, very clear and nice... but 7 strings TAB needed!!
I think that it could be a graphical issue, like only TAB 6 .bmp in the code

musescore 1.x is a nice soft., but the 2.0 is amazing! i have a huge collection of gp5's tuxguitar files that now i can
manage with musescore 2.0
graphical, all instr. per page, standard drum notation, and so on... great.
I will do some donation...

Go to Style -> Staff types. Select tablature (built-in) and click "Create new tablature type". Give it a name "7 string tab" and change the number of lines to 7. Ok.
Then right click the tab staff in the score -> staff properties -> change the staff type to "7 string tab".