problem locating Manual in Help to solve several entry and printing problems

• Sep 14, 2008 - 16:49

Dear Muse,
Since discovering MuseScore 0.9.2 Rev. 888 two weeks ago, I’ve enjoyed learning about the program by entering my piano pieces. Since I’m just a determined amateur, this open source program is a great benefit to me, since really couldn’t afford private software.
Yet, I’ve encountered a few problems that lead me to suspect that I’ve not located the right documentation. I have found and used the “Handbook” on the MuseScore web site and it’s been very helpful. In the Muse Score program, clicking on “Help” and then on “Manual,” produces elicits no result. Should I be able to access the “Manual” in this way, or is it available in another way?
Especially useful have been the ‘undo’ function during my experiments with the program. Using letter keys for note entry is excellent.
Here are a few of the specific problems I can’t solve.
1.Four or five times. Windows (Vista operating system) has given the screen message “Program has stopped working.” Am I in some way the cause of this, and how can I prevent it?
2.How can I copy several measures of piano score to a new place in the same piece to avoid reentry of notes? I’ve tried everything I can think of, but can’t discover a way to highlight measures I’d like to copy.
3.How can I achieve predictability in accessing some functions? For example, accessing “note entry” and placing the cursor for “note entry” at a specific place in the score, and accessing a second voice have all been somewhat unpredictable. In each case I’ve sooner or later succeeded, but it’s not always clear how, and I have trouble doing again what I’ve just done.
4.The printout I made yesterday on an HP PhotoSmart 8400 Series printer prints the clefs and notes, but none of the lines. What have I done wrong? I would also like to use MuseScore to produce a pdf. version, which Wikipedia states MuseScore can do. Is the documentation for doing this? I’ve been unable to find it on the MuseScore web site.
Perhaps access to the right documentation will solve all these matters, and I will appreciate whatever help you can offer.
Thanks for any help with these matters.
John Siegmund
Alexandria, Virginia


Hi John,

Answer to question one: it is recommended that you upgrade MuseScore to the latest prerelease which you can find in . Since musescore is still in beta, bugs are fixed very regulary and therefore these prereleases might be much more stable than the current 0.9.2 release
The prerelease might answer issue 4 as well.

Producing a pdf is as simple as File -> Save As, select pdf in filetype combo. And that is :)
Regarding the unexpected crash, if you can give a way to reproduce it, it's better !

Documentation: Access to the manual via the Help is not possible in version 0.9.2. It is enabled in the prereleases of version 0.9.3. The content in this manual is the same as the Handbook on the website.

1. Many crashes have been fixed in the prereleases. I would recommend mscore-r1091 (or the highest number listed)

2. Copy paste: Click on an empty part of a measure to select the entire measure (a blue square with appear around it). Shift-click to extend the selection to another measure. You can copy paste measures, but not individual notes. See copy and paste

3. Follow this order: begin note input mode, select note value, (if necessary change voice), click with mouse to input first note. There is some behavior (such as cursor position) that might seem unexpected. Also note values and voice change to match your selection.

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