Adding pedal lines measure by measure?

• Jun 11, 2017 - 07:18

I'm trying to add pedal lines to a score I already have, but I don't want to have the pedal going all the way through the whole piece, constantly. Is there any way to quickly add pedal lines for each measure individually without going through to each measure?


If you want the same pedal line/marks for each measure, add the line to the first measure then select the measure and press 'r' to repeat the measure (and the line) as often as you want.

If you have already entered the notes and want to add pedal markings to all the measures then do as above in a new score and copy your notes and paste then in to the (otherwise empty) score with the pedal marks.

Select the first note of the first measure where the pedals should start, then repeatedly press the pedal line on the palette and Ctrl+Left arrow.

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