How to highlight measures

For analysis or to emphasize a part
  1. Select one or more measures to be highlighted.
  2. Add a line from a palette:


  3. Adjust the vertical position of the line so that it is halfway between the top and bottom of the area to be shaded.

  4. Increase "Line thickness" in the Inspector; Untick "Allow Diagonal".
  5. Click on "Line color" in the Inspector. Select a color, then adjust its transparency in the "Alpha channel" field:


  6. Use the end handles to adjust the length of the line;

  7. Adjust the final position of the line, by dragging or by using the offsets in the Inspector:

  8. Set the "Stacking Order" of the line, in the inspector, to 0, to get it "under" the staff and notes.


The modified line can be saved, if required, to a palette in a custom workspace.

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