Add a SVG file by double-click, then clear it in the palette, leads to crash

• Jun 9, 2017 - 10:14
Reported version
S2 - Critical

2.1 871c8ce / Windows10

1) Create a SVG image, eg this one: con_sordino.svg
2) Open 2.1, and drag and drop this image onto the score
3) Drag and drop this image (holding Ctrl + Shift ) in a palette let's say in Articulations
4) Note input mode -> enter a C (and remains in note input mode)
5) Double-click on the svg image in the palette
First result: you get an empty box
(the main problem I guess)
empty box.jpg
6) Right-click on the image in the palette -> Clear
7) Hit again the C key
Result: crash

Sometimes, you get the crash by clearing the image in the palette. And sometimes, you have to continue to enter C notes, two or four or more (I saw two measures eg in quarter notes) but certainly, at a moment, you will receive a crash.
There is other scenarios, but this one is the shorter and systematic one, that I found right now.