Adding symbols to master palette

• Jun 9, 2017 - 00:56

Hi all

apologies if this is a repeat of other topics, I've spent some time looking. Most discussion of symbols seems to revolve around chords.

But I need to add new symbols to the palette. In particular the Con Sordino and Senza Sordino symbols (look like a capital E rotated 90 deg forward or backward).

Is there a way to get say an SVG imported into MS?


Yes. To add the SVG itself, just drag and drop onto a note of your score. To add the symbol to a palette, see the Handbook under "Custom palettes".

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OK, I can see now, they are tiny though. Maybe suitable for a full score, but not a part.

Looks like there's a bug in MS 2.1 as well

I created the custom palette with my SVG files in it.

If I drag something from the palette to the score it works, but if I select a note and double click the palette item, it doesn't render the SVG. Specifically it adds an item of the size of the palette item, but it's empty/blank.

If I save the score (after adding one of these blank items), and then close the score MS crashes. When I load MS up again and open the file, it renders it ok, so there's something to look at there.

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The symbols should scale like all others, so if they look right in the score they should look right in the parts as well.

I haven't seen the problem you mention with palettes. I wonder, are you moving the file after adding the image to the palette? Can you give precise steps ton reproduce the problem?

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So I started by creating a new workspace, then I added a new palette.

then I dragged the SVG files onto the palette. They showed there fine.

If I select a note and double click the palette item, it shows an empty box inserted.
If I drag the palette item onto a note, it shows it properly painted.

I can attach svg files if you like.

Attachment Size
con_sordino.svg 975 bytes
senza_sordino.svg 989 bytes

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Also FWIW, if you don't like the size of the symbol in the palette - it's the size the designers of the Bravura font decided was appropriate - you can always add the symbol as *text* instead. Create staff text, use the F2 "Special characters" palette, and add the symbol from the Musical Symbols tab (String techniques). It will initially appear very small because these symbols are designed to be used at something like 24 point (?) and staff text defaults to only 10, but you can inxrease the font size to whatever you want. And, again, then add this to a custom palette.

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