How to put explicit turn on end of a trill

• Jun 7, 2017 - 06:42

Hi all

I've seen the question before but not an ideal answer (putting grace notes prior to next note and offsetting them horizontally).

I want a trill like this:


I need to be able to add the accidental as well. Ideally the long squiggly line as well.


if I put 2 grace notes prior to following notes, then they are played at the wrong time (on the beat of the next note, rather than at the end of the trill).

To add the trill, use the trill symbol from the Lines palette.

To add the natural to the trill, select the trill in your score and double click the natural sing in the palette.

On the Grace Notes palette, use lone of the Grace Note After" symbols (the last three on thee, assuming you are in Advanced as opposed Basic mode) to add the grace notes to the trilled note.

Playback is not supported for all of this, but the notation will be correct.

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Hi Marc

thanks so much.

It's interesting that the trill in the lines palette allows you to add an accidental, but the tr in the ornaments one doesn't.

It doesn't play it either, so it's still playing the incorrect notes in the trill, but I can live with that dissonance.

extra points if you can guess the piece :)

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