Chord symbols in 2.1

• Jun 6, 2017 - 22:10


I just build 2.1 in Linux (Ubuntu 16.10) to try out the new feature for transposing mid-score instrument changes. It works great!

Bur when I loaded one of my scores made in 2.0.3 I noticed strange things with the chord symbols. Where is should say "Bm7" it only says "m7" etc. If I select the chord symbol text for editing, the whole name appears, but when the editing is done, the root-chord name is not visible (B in the example).


I included a small example score where this happens for me.

Is this a bug in 2.1? or did I not build 2.1 properly in some way? Or is this a problem with my file (which was originally created in 2.0.3)?

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All chord names are complete for me; sorry.
Crazy idea: have you tried re-downloading your uploaded file from above?
Otherwise I can't think of what to try besides restoring defaults.

If you built 2.1 yourself, then my guess is that you failed to do the "make install", meaning MuseScore is not able to find the chord symbol description files it requires.

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