Copy And Paste measures with all System Text, Repeat Bar lines, time signitures etc.

• Jun 5, 2017 - 18:26

I would really wish for a function in musescore that you can copy sections with all the systemtext, repeats, form markings (A, Bridge) etc. It takes alot of time to but all this things into the score again.

thx alot for that great, free notation program!!


While I agree such a feature might occasionally be useful, can you explain your case? Normally you should not be needing to do this. You might be trying to solve a problem using copy & paste that would be solved better another way (eg, generating parts from a score using File / Parts rather than copying & pasting content).

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For example you wright a basic leadsheet for a Jazz Band with the Form AABA and the A-Sections have a lot of time signiture changes like 4 bars 4/4, one bar 7/8, 2 Bars 5/4. And when you wright a leadsheet it is common to not work with Repitions and Codas etc but rather really have the A-Sections after each other because its way easier to read the music because Jazz/Pop musicians are used to that.

Or when i wright myself a Drum Sheet of a Pop Tune where you have a vers Chorus Vers Chorus Bridge Vers form ... I normally wrigt this after eachother but when i want to copy for ex. the Chorus the 2nd time all the time signitures system text bar lines form markings etc. get lost.

I think you could do it like that:

when you press shift and click the bars you want it should copy like it does now, but when you press shift+ctrl you could mark everything with all the systemtext time signitures etc. you need both options

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OK, understood. Although I would not that for this purpose, you don't actually necessarily want repeat bars or voltas copied - these might exist for the first A section, but shouldn't be there for the last. Nor should rehearsal letters copy. Only other system text and key / time signatures. So it would be important to really understand the use cases before designing such a facility.

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My suggestion would be that you really can Copy everything also Repition Bar Lines and Rehearsal letters (because normally you want them too). it is easier and faster to just delete the stuff you dont want instead of putting it in the score again.

Or you solve it the same way you did allready for the resent Copy/Paste where you can click a box what you want to copy or not....

I support this feature request. I am often having to reinsert repeat bars and markings and readjust the measure repeat after copying a repeating a groove to the next section of a percussion score that contains breaks. For example, the score might contain an intro, Groove (x8), Break 1, Groove(x8), Break 2, Groove(x8), ending, the Groove being the same throughout. Suttidrums I suggest you submit your request to the Tracker (, if it hasn't already been done by someone else.

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Strong request for copying everything at once!
Use case is folk dance music, where I frequently want to make up medleys. So I might have a whole tune (Fred) nestled in a file (Fred + Bill), and a tune (Daphne) in another file (Daphne + Bernard). With a copy everything tool, I can cut Fred out, cut Daphne out, and paste them neatly together.
I get weary of redoing all the repeats and new lines etc. Capella was fine, but there again it wasn’t free!
Thanks for your efforts.

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