Chord Symbols going crazy??

• Jun 24, 2013 - 23:47

I don't know what's going on.
I am writing chord symbols for my chart and it doesn't allow minor chords to be written by using the jazz font.
So, all the chords with no "mi, min or - " look fine, with the right font. The minor chords use a regular Times New Roman font.

Help cause I need to print this chart tomorrow, PLEASE!!!

Ps. I was trying to attach a screenshot but it's not letting me doing it.

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It's always better to post the score itself rather than just a picture of it. Kind of like trying to get your car repeaired by taking a picture of it to the mechanic :-)

Anyhow, see [[nodetitle:Chordname]] in the Handbook. You need to see which chord name style you are using (by reading the documentation in that link) and enter your minor chords the way that is expected for that style. I'm guessing you are using the old "stdchords.xml" style, which expects "m" for minor (and "Maj" for major). So typing that will render in that font. If you want to use the MuseJazz font throughout your score, you should really be starting from the Jazz Lead Sheet template, which sets this up for you. This template uses cchords_muse.xml as the chord name style, which expects "ma" and "mi".

In the next version of MuseScore, you'll be able to type what you wantand have it rendered the way you type - no worries about the "right" abbreviation for minor or major.

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