Changing scale/spacing for two specific systems (or a specific page)

• Jun 3, 2017 - 20:55

I'm creating an acappella arrangement for six voices, which fits perfectly with two systems on a single page. However, there is a small solo of four bars in the arrangement. I obviously hid all the bars where that part does nothing, but the two systems where it does have notes take up two entire pages instead of one. I can decrease the scale of the full score, which will make them fit on one page, but then all of the notes in the rest of the score will also be smaller and harder to read. Is there a way to change the scale or spacing for those two systems only?


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Thanks for the suggestion, I had no idea what ossias were! I did know how to change the scale of a staff though, and just changing the one staff won't do enough. I wanted to change the height of all staves on just that page.

In addition to the ossia staff recommendation:

Instead of selecting the "small staff" option you can also change the scale for this additional staff in staff properties.

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Have you actually tried how small your notes would become if you scaled down the entire page (Layout > page setting > scaling)? I would be almost certain you could fit them and still have the music easily readable for your singers. After all their eyes aren't as far away from their music as double bass or trombone players or even violinists.

Scaling down (find the largest size that will fit by trial and error) via the layout menu--maybe combined with narrower margins (same menu)--would also fit more measure onto some lines so you get more benefit than you'd estimate.

BTW the Musescore default is rather large. Many if not most commercial editions use smaller sizes.

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