Cannot change bar number size/position at all

• May 28, 2013 - 14:27

I am not able to do any operations with bar numbers.
I go to style, edit text style, and bar number - and make my changes (size and/or Y position), and push apply or ok - and nothing changes. I have done this either having selected all beforehand or not.
I use MuseScore 1.3.


It's a known bug in 1.x. Save and reload and they will change positions. You may find they didn't change the way you expected.

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BTW, bar numbers are not normal fixed text but are generated "on the fly" depending on the layout of your score - after all, the default is to display them on the first bar of each line, but which bar appears where can change as you add notes, change layout settings, etc. And actually, a change to bar number style takes effect the next time a bar number is generated. So if you are using the setting to have them at the beginning of each line, you'll see it take effect as soon as you add a line break. But indeed, save / reload does them all at once.

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