Drum pallet empty in new installation

• May 27, 2013 - 22:22

I just found MS and downloaded V.1.3 onto my Win7 machine yesterday, so I'm really new. But when I try to add a drum part to my score, I add the instrument and get the staff, but the drum pallet is empty and I can't put any notes on the page. What am I missing?


Hi ronpace33 -

You might start by looking at the Part 9: Drum Parts video by Katy Wardrobe on the MuseScore homepage.

All of the videos there are good, but this one covers some of the important things to know about entering drum parts, which are done a bit differently than for other instruments.


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Had already watched that video - that's why I was confused when the drum pallet was empty when I opened it. I tried a couple of different unpitched percussion instruments and got the staves, but no voices in the pallet.

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