bluetooth does not work after installing update musescore

• May 30, 2017 - 18:32

A Tinbergen
May 27, 12:10 CEST

Hi, Today I made an update of musescore on my macbook. And suddenly there is no sound if I use bluetooth speakers. I have two different bluetooth speakers that work well with the macbook, but after update musescore no longer with musescore while it worked perfectly before I updated. How can I fix the bluetooth compatibility?

Or is there a way to make the update undone?



Go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and make sure to select the proper device there. Also, if that doens't work at firs,t do Help / Revert to Factory Settings and try again.

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Dear kuwit, first of all, thx. for the idea trying a beta version!! Guess what happened.
Now, after installing MuseScoreNightly-2018-02-14-1516-2.2-2c808a8.dmg I tried bluetooth-headphone and nightly didn't recognize the device. So I tried version 2.03 again, the bt-phones worked. I tried nightly again, and guess what, now it recognized the bt-device and sound is ok.
don't ask me why!!
More curious... now version 2.1 also recognizes and play the bt-headphones...
to sum up:
1. v2.1 did't play bt
2. v2.03 worked
3. nightly didn't work in the first place
4. started 2.03
5. now all 3 version 2.03 / 2.1 / 2.2 work
I wonder if You find a reason...

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No, not really.
I just tried 2.2Nightly and 3.0Nightly and neither of them work with B/T. The above "trick" or "workaround" made no difference for me. (and I'm surprised if it would given that the databases of the various versions seem to be disjoint). I cleared the system of all MuseScore files between each test.
Don't want to carp or anything; it's free software and volunteer maintained etc etc.
But, B/T last worked in which was out in 2016. Since then 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 have all exhibited the same deficiency. I'm not a developer (perhaps I should become one) but a user and when I am working, so as to avoid driving other member os the household barmy I typically do all my audio work using headphones and they are always going to be bluetooth (1. they do noise cancellation and 2. they're also used for normal listening). I don't imagine i'm alone in this regard.
Could someone with the smarts to look at the audio selection logic on MacOS please take a look and find/fix the real cause of the problem.

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