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In the hymnal we use a little half-bracket (don't know what they are called) to indicate which section of the song is played as the intro to the song. See picture attached above the words "the" and "rise". Is there a way to add this half-bracket in MS? Thanks!


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Sure, add a line from the palette and adjust the length and hook size as desired. There are probably also appropriate symbols you could use as is from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display), but I have no idea what they'd be called so you may need to search for them by eye.

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They are placed where they're placed. You can only move all of them at the same time unless you ctrl - click to select multiples ones. I don't see a way to place them a certain distance from the staff. They are relative to the note location. I'll post in a couple of minutes to explain how to make them work easier

Toy can put them in a line but you cannot put the symbol directly into the text of a line so you need to put them into a staff text first. I would put one in each of two different staff texts. Oh, you can't put master pallet items into staff text so you need to find them in special characters. To find them start a staff text and press F2. Click analytics and you will see them. Copy the one that goes on the left out of the staff text. Double click one to enter it into the staff text. Do the same with another. Make sure you address looking at the advanced pallets and insert a text line (the one with theVII). Right click the line and select line properties. Select the VII and delete it and press ctrl - v to paste the left symbol. Press OK to close the line properties. Copy the left symbol. Open the line properties like before. In the end text square paste the right symbol. Click OK. It's now a line and has all of their properties.

I fail to mention above that you have to be in edit mode to copy the symbols from staff text. I hope you read this entire post before attempting to do it.

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