Two pieces of music on one page

• Apr 26, 2013 - 16:17

I would like to put more than one piece of music on one page when setting up a book of music for my Morris group. I can do this to some extent by inserting a vertical frame and just carrying on writting. Is there a way to seperate the pieces so they don't play back as one.
I get over the title problem easy enough by using system text etc and I can get over the change of key note tagged on the end of one piece by making it hidden..


Insert two voices and then hide one? But there is a lot of work and the result is uncertain.
For those who have to read the score is easier to save two files as PDF and then "merge" together with a software (preferably free).

Or create your book as a text document with the musical pieces inserted as graphics exported from MuseScore - that's really the much more straightforward way to go if you are really writing a book or anything else with any significant amount of text.

2.0 will have a concept of a "section break" that is designed to allow multiple movements in a single document - it automatically suppresses the courtesy key and time signature, adds a user-definable amount of silence between movements, etc. But it still wouldn't be how I'd recommend putting a book together.

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The way I build my booklets is to make each page as a pdf and then print them all together using a piece of software called Clipbook, so this is almost as you are suggesting above. I look forward to seeing how 2.0 builds up.

I keep on telling everybody I know who messes about with music in any way all about Musescore, I think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I have used it now for about three years and apart from a few minor glitches and a learning curve that is not as steep as it was when I was younger, I am extremely pleased with my find.

I guess this is related feature request, and I think I have mentioned it before, but can't find it. it would be nice to have |< and >| buttons in the play panel to jump playback to the previous/next section break--Just like a CD player.

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