rhythm slashes?

• Apr 26, 2013 - 02:19

I installed the "slash notation styles" plugin but so far I can only enter the slashes as quarter notes. In Sibelius I can enter the rhythms in the treble clef on the b line and then convert the noteheads to slashes. Is there anyway to do this in Musescore? Thanks in advance for any help.--Willy Dalton


There's to ways to do this. If you want it done permanently, you can go in the .xml file and change a notehead to what you want. If you want a temporary fix (for drums), go in to the Staff Properties>Edit Drumset. Then just choose what you want. If you want to, save that template to keep it for later. -Vern

Using rhe same slash notation styles plugin, just click the radio button for "rhythmic notation". This will automatically turn any notes you have already entered onto slashes with stems, just as is shown in the picture within the dialog.

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The radio button isn't when you load the plugin; it's in the dialog where you run it. Not sure what you mean about octaves; it uses the same octave as the regular slashes. The "accent" option does something different - it is meant to create notes above the staff to show "kicks" that accompany a melody. So maybe you used that by mistake? It's also possible you are using this on a staff for a transposing instrument like guitar or bass (both of which sound an octave lower than written). The dialog does give you the option to select what pitch the notes are entered on, but I find it easier to just move them down an octave after entering, as you did.

I'm having trouble finding the way to do the same with v2.
I can get the notes to Voice 3 and the pauses move up. Turning the slash notation will move the notes up, as well. However, the heads stay round and do not turn to slashes. Any hints? Thanks!

Edit: OK, found it - https://musescore.org/en/node/34866
Just need to change the Head Group property to Slash in the inspector.

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Thanks! The main issue for me seems to be not being able to easily find the correct part of the manual or even the name of the feature I need, for that matter. :)

Oh, and the fact that I'm mostly using percussion sheets, where this behaviour is a bit specific.

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