Maximal file size

• May 29, 2017 - 02:12

Is there a maximum file size? I am trying to re-orchestrate an opera score . The file is already 523 KB and it already has crashed a few times and some of the features which were working earlier don't work (for example manually removing a key signature when I change from F Horn to Eb Horn) . I am using a Windows 10 PC with 16 GB ram so memory should not be a problem

If there is a maximum file size, how can I combine the extracted parts so that we don't have funny pagination at rehearsal numbers?


There is no specific maximum, but things do get slower the bigger the score is. Crashes shouldn't happen, so if you have a reproducible case, please attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem. Same with whatever key signature you are seeing. Changing instruments score-wide (via Staff Properties, as opposed to mid-score using Instrument Change element from the Text palette) should update key signatures, so if you have some case where this isn't happening, please start a new thread dedicated to that problem and attach the specific score and steps to reproduce the problem.

A Marc said, MuseScore will slow down after the file gets to a certain size. When this happens I start a new file. If I'm close to a natural break point I continue to the, otherwise I select from the last break point to the end of the file and use see selection then delete the selection I saved. One the entire piece is complete you can use tree album feature to put out together.

The size of the file is system dependent so I wouldn't try to tell you how big the file should be.

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