Unnecessary MIDI note on message at playback in MIDI output

• May 28, 2017 - 19:34
Reported version

Attached file contains the output from MuseScore through JACK to MIDI-OX from a playback start. The superfluous note on event is at timestamp 00050C74.

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So basically the message at timestamp 00050C74 is unnecessary (and I think unwanted) because only want that note on event when it appears on timestamp 00051189.

Please don't report bugs off of 2.0.3, since 2.1 has been released. Report bugs for latest release (2.1) and also check to see if the bug is in the latest nightly.

I don't see an version 2.1. I see 2.1-dev, but I haven't built that. I can't log a bug against a version I don't have. I discovered the bug in 2.0.3 anyway. It is present in 2.1.

Yes, that's my read on it.

It may be the cause of the missed note glitches I've come across intermittently when starting a looped measure (another issue I can't reproduce). I can only hope.