Dmarcato missing in articulation palette

• Apr 24, 2013 - 16:26
S4 - Minor

GIT commit: 1f49f8f
Windows 7 64bit

The dmarcato (v shaped symbol) is missing in the nightly build articulation pallet.

Though it can be copied from the symbol pallet to the articulation pallet or custom pallet, it is no longer regarded as an articulation which causes various other problems.
1. It is placed in the same vertical location as the note, which makes it not visible, so each one must be moved.
2. Since it is now a symbol the position is not adjustable in the Styles menu for articulation/ornamentation.
3. The symbol properties don't work to reposition it.
4. The arrow keys don't move it.
5. Since it is in the same position as the note, grabbing it with the mouse often grabs the note instead.

Unfortunately, I use a lot of them.


A small Symbol palette is still on the F9 list of palettes, but the large one is on the Master Palette (shift-F9), where the dmarcato is still located along with many other symbols. The dmarcato is in the articulation palette for ver 1.3, so I imagine it got missed or bumped somewhere along the line because it is a standard articulation.

Fortunately the nice addition of custom palettes allowed me to create my own palette of most used items, which is very convenient...many thanks to whoever...

Yes I started using the marcato flipped upside down, moved to the right place, then copied and pasted to other notes.

To my eye, flipping the marcato sign with 'X' moves it to a wrong position (too close to the note). Then, I think there is still room for improvement.

As an aside, I would have expected that 'X' moves the sign to the other side of note (stem-side), rather than reversing it on the same head-side. Head-side is the commonest, but stem-side may be needed with multi-voices.



Yes, all that seems to be the case.
And oddly, symbols dragged from the symbol palette, such as the dmarcato, will neither flip with the X key nor move with the arrow keys, though the symbols in the articulation palette do both..

Fingering symbols move with the arrow keys, but chords don't.

It would be nice if the arrow keys moved symbols and chords and anything that doesn't specifically need to be anchored which would help to make the controls more consistent, and many of these need to be moved at some time or other.