My first attempt at writing a classical piece

• May 26, 2017 - 17:08

Until I come up with a better title, I'm calling this "Short and Sweet in C Major." I may eventually expand the piece, but this is what I have for now. I wrote the first few measures by hand on good ol' manuscript paper before I tired of that--and that experience is what led me to MuseScore, for which I'm grateful! Please feel free to comment on my composition.


Some observations:

The form isn't clear. This tends to make the piece wander without really saying anything.

Both your harmony and your counterpoint need work. The study of harmony helps you shape music into meaningful antecedent/consequent phrases, and teaches you how to modulate to new key areas effectively. Counterpoint teaches you about voice leading and how to fit independently moving parts together. You seem untutored in these two areas, but judging from the piece, I suspect you have a gift for both.

The piece starts off sounding like something for the virginal by Byrd or Gibbons, and finishes sounding like Elgar, a couple of centuries later. Stick to one style and work to express your ideas within it.

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