Musescore 2.1 copy/paste doesn't work with ctrl+click

• May 25, 2017 - 19:01

Hi folks !

As you can see here :
simply copy/paste throught staves doesn't work. I've tried to reset my preferences, but still doesn't work.

Windows 10 - 871c8ce



The problem is that you selected each note in the chord independently using ctrl-click. Though you realize you have all of the notes on the chord selected, MuseScore does not. You need to either select the entire measure or the entire chord. Click any note on the chord, then shift click anywhere on the chord for the entire chord.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for this incredibly quick reply ;-), I change the title of my report to fit more to this behaviour. In my opinion, this is an issue because either musescore realize the action I mentioned, or the action shouldn't be available. In this current state, it's really confusing me (and I guess other users too).

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This is actually by design, because you can do some actions on individual notes in a chord, such as change the pitch or notehead. It won't let you cut and paste individual notes using ctrl-click to select the notes, because this allows you to select notes that are not adjacent. Every chord in beats one and two of a measure are adjacent and would also need to be selected us shift-click. You can ctrl-click the first beat in random measures which have no copy and paste defined. MuseScore does not check to see if you have actually selected all the notes in a chord, partly because there are other things attached to the chord besides the notes, such as beam properties (which of course do not apply to whole notes).

What I have explained is positively explained in the handbook, but it does not tell you that you cannot use ctrl-click. It specifically tells you to use shift-click.

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AFAIK it isn't refusing the paste. You are pasting noteheads, but onto a rest. Most notehead properties don't apply to rests, so you see nothing happening. If I remember correctly, you would see some effect when pasting onto another existing notehead.

I don't have access to my laptop currently, so you'd have to verify this for yourself.

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Hi Jeetee,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, your suggestion doesn't work. As shown in my first post gif, I can cut the notes I want, but even selecting a rest or a previous entered note, I can't paste.

I'm not really disappointed with the fact this is a dev choice (musescore is such an incredible software !), but what is the interest of being able to cut if you can't paste ?

So I think there is an issue regarding this behaviour. A minor issue of course, but still an issue ;-)

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One point of being able to cut even if you can't paste is that many of us who are in the habit of *always* doing a cut instead of a delete, because it feels "safer" to have the deleted content stored in the clipboard. Sure, we can always undo if we've made a mistake, but only if we don't inadvertently do something else first. The ability to paste something back is a nice fail-safe.

So even though the paste won't actually work here, I still would find it surprising and annoying to have to break my usual habit of hitting Ctrl+X and instead reach for the Delete key just because I happened to have made a list rather than range selection. That would slow down my workflow.

BTW, paste of a *single* notehead onto an existing note does work - the destination note is replaced by a note of the same pitch as the source but the duration of the destination.

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