changing note.pitch is not updating the displayed notes

• Apr 4, 2013 - 22:16
S4 - Minor

I'm trying to create a plugin with the 2.0 nightly build, rev d63eee2 and am not seeing changes to note.pitch reflected in my score. That is, if I say:

note.pitch = 60;

The note does not move to the new pitch in the score. When I use the Object Debugger, the pitch value has been updated to 60. Note that note.line has not changed after I make the call.

Is there something in addition to setting note.pitch that must be done to move the note?


I think this needs to be clarified. It's possible users are expected to do that manually, or it could be that from plugin framework, setting note.pitch should automatically call the function to set tpc from pitch. Seems a bit much to expect plugin writers to have to deal with both tpc1 and tpc2 every time they make a pitch. But this is, I guess, a policy decision that needs to be made.

Status (old) active needs info

This appears to work correctly now on the master branch, 244f40da

Please confirm, or give more details.