beaming across barline not working under needed circumstance

• Apr 1, 2013 - 03:46
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

I need to create a very simple construct: 2/4 measure. Single eighth note, then eighth + 2 sixteenths beamed together, then eighth note beamed together with an eighth note in the following measure (see "desired.pdf"). See enclosed 2-measure example. I cannot find any way to get the two eighth notes on either side of the barline to beam together, without beaming those together with the eighth + 2 16th notes preceding. I would expect to be able to set the eighth note at the end of the first bar to "open beam" and the eighth note at the beginning of the second measure to "continue beam" and achieve the desired result. This doesn't work (see testbeam.pdf). If I set both of these notes to "continue beam" then I get a continuous beam covering all of the eighth and sixteenth notes except the first eighth, as expected (testbeam2.pdf). But I can't get the result I need. This is MuseScore1.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Seems to work OK with the last nightly I can run with 10.6.8 (one from March 6, which unfortunately is too unstable for everyday use [and for other reasons I cannot upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion); I used this to create "desired.pdf"]. Any known workaround?

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Best I can think of is alter the actual durations of the measures so the beam doesn't cross the barline, then hide the barline and add a fake one after four beats. Some manual fine tuning of positioning will likely be required.

Since it works in the nightly, that means it has already been fixed in the code, so I am closing the issue. For help with the current versions, it is better to ask in the forums than to use the issue tracker, unless the issue does still exist in the nightlies.