turning a piano piece into a trombone piece (need help)

• May 25, 2017 - 02:36

i found a piece that a really wanted to play on trombone, i could only find it in piano so i though maybe i can change the piece for trombone, i followed guides and stuff and changed the entire piece to a trombone playback, now not all the notes are realistic, but i just need the melody. when listening to the playback i soon realized that the notes were not on the correct octave and many, too high, i couldn't figure out how to get it right.
P.S. how do i change a piece from one key signature to another whilst keeping the notes correct (this is just for reading preference)



First the trombone is not a transposing instrument, so what you write in "C" will stay in "C".

As to what octave it is in, you will have to do a little research on the "Voices" (not in the MuseScore way) but into soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices.

Do you understand how the grand staff breaks out the various pitch ranges of the voices?

As far as transposition is concerned, If you select nothing and use the notes:transpose... menu you can transpose the entire piece by key. If the octaves are too high, then select the music and press ctrl-down arrow.

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