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• Mar 27, 2013 - 19:57

Any way to clear these entries?


Just an observation - the list grows without bounds as long as MuseScore remains up and running and you keep opening scores but when you shut it down and restart it, the list resets to just the most recent. Maybe you already realized that, but in case you were concerned about seeing the list grow and grow (I've had dozens of scores in my list when working on examples for a book), rest assured it will clear itself out on restart.

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Right, it's just history, so those files are still exactly in the same folder you saved them to. Unfortunately, we can't know what folder you chose when you first saved them - that would have been completely up to you. But if you don't remember, then probably you just went with the default location, which is a folder called MuseScore3/Scores, under your main home or documents folder. It would probably also work to create a new score and hit Save, this will open the file dialog positioned to the same folder. Don't actually save on top of one of the existing files there, but you'll be able to confirm the location, then go to File / Open and navigate to the same folder.

Only the last 10 files are saved in the "open recent files" when you quit MuseScore.
I don't understand why you would like to clean this menu... but if you insist... MuseScore stores the list in the preferences file. Since you talked about the registry, I assume you are on Windows. On Windows Vista, 7, 8, the preferences file is located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\MusE\MuseScore.ini. You can edit it with a text editor.

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Some of us are just anal about things like that. I don't like any icons on my desk top, foreign, unneeded files floating around in my OS. Anyway, I just created a shortcut to my desktop and inserted it into the Start Menu and renamed it "Recent Open Edit". This works for me. Again, thanks.


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