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• Mar 24, 2013 - 13:57

I enter a lot of lead sheets, my own music and others. Whenever I do I want to create the lead sheeta for C, Bb, and Eb instruments. What I have been doing is;
1. Create the leadsheet
2. Save As, filenameBb or filenameEb
3. Select All on the new file
4. Transpose to the correct key and Save.

What I would like to do is create a plugin that would do this process a directory at a time, similar to how the Batch Export plugin exports .mscx files to .pdf files.

Has this been done or is there a better or different way to accomplish my transposition task?



I'll second that.

I just came here to see if there was such a tool, because I do exactly the same thing.

At a first look, it appears that the first example in the plug-in howto does the bulk of the work. I get the impression that a very simple Concert-to-Bb plugin and Concert-to-Eb plugin would be easy. I guess that if one can pass in the interval (in semitones, e.g., +3, +15, -4, etc.) and the tool should be general purpose.

I wonder if the micro-tuning tools can already do this.

Hey, the batch_export plugin might be soon able to do that!
However, it still has not been officially merged into the official version, but you can still use this version:
it has not yet been merged because it will require some more work (which I won't be able to do until exams are over :)), but it still (mostly) work.
If you want to try it out, I'd be glad to get some feedback.
(I suspect score in Gb might be transpose in A# when transposing to clarinet, but it still has to be proved, so I hope you don't have too many score in Gb;)

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That's Great! I wanted to create one years ago but I used to work in software development. When I had a few moments I really wanted to pursue my other love, music, not do more programming. I finally retired after 35+ years of churning out the code and many other family responsibilities have been lifted as well. I'm glad to see you are diggin' in and tackling this. I look forward to the pluggin being released with transposing capabilities. Oh yeah, I have other transposing to do besides just Bb so I wasn't interested in the Transposer pluggin.

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