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• Mar 23, 2013 - 00:30

members edit: a restart of MuseScore solved issue....ty.


I am trying to follow Marc S. tutorial on lead sheets.

When he recommends downloading two plugins- I do so by downloading them, unzipping both of them and dumping ALL of their contents into my Musescore plugins folder.

Still I don't get the "slashes" plugin recognized by Musescore as Marc writes it:

"Plugins>Leadsheet>slashes plugin".

In the musescore interface, I do see "create chord chart" in the dropdown-subfolder menu under "lead sheets", but I do not see "slashes" yet.

I've read other lit. at musescore in the plugins section where it says to put ".js" files in their like-named folder?- but I see no-one javascript folder dedicated to .js files alone.

Am I missing something in Musescore?



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