2.1 download erased 2.0 files?!?

• May 23, 2017 - 21:00

I'm really hoping I'm overlooking something stupid here. After downloading 2.1 the day before yesterday, I got on today to look for a piece I had composed on 2.0. I scrolled to File/Open Recent, and there's nothing there. I closed MuseScore, clicked on the Finder icon on my Mac, searched the title...nothing. I did a search for all .mscz files, and nothing comes up except one draft of something. All the relevant pdf files are gone too.

I don't recall this being an issue when I upgraded from 1.3 to 2.0. Is this something I was supposed to know to anticipate and prevent (aside from backing everything up somewhere else, which I know, I should have been doing all along)?


No install of MuseScore *ever* removes your own files. They are definitely wherever you saved them. But it is the case that if your settings got cleared, File / Recent won't show them, so you'll have to just open them normally - File / Open and browse to the folder where you saved them. Sounds like maybe you've forgotten where you saved them, but keep looking - I guarantee they haven't moved. Maybe they are on an external drive you forgot to plug in?

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When was the last time you used those files, and how did you open them? Always from the recent files list? What folder did you think they were in?

Again, I suspect it will turn out to saved them so where you are forgetting to look, like on a removable drive. Because again, no MuseScore install ever removes your own files.

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I've used the files within the last week. In fact I printed off a little edition I made recently of Thomas Tallis' _If Ye Love Me_ on Sunday morning: I'm noticing now that the pdf of it is still there but the mscz is gone. I was thinking of moving them to a jump drive, but even if I had done so and forgotten, all the jump drives are still connected and none of them seems to have the files. I've always accessed them from the recent files list unless that list gets so full that it spills over and I have to search my Mac with the Finder app, which no longer shows the files.

I realize that the timing with the MuseScore update is coincidental, subject heading notwithstanding; the previous update was not a problem. It may be a tech problem on my end. Another odd thing that just started happening is that Safari cannot access Facebook from this desktop, but it's not a problem on our other computers/devices. I realize that general IT issues are beyond the scope of this forum.

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FWIW, a normal update would not clear your recent files list as far as I know, so the fact that got cleared is perhaps another clue - not that I know for sure what it means. But if MuseScore cannot find the files, it will remove them from the list. So maybe it means, the fiels *have* in fact moved for whatever reason.

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