Can I nudge a note over a little?

• Mar 16, 2013 - 03:57

Is it possible to nudge a note to the left or the right just a little to avoid other notes?

For example, the little notes in measures four and eight in this score:


The note in voice 3 overlaps the note in voice 1 on the first beat of the measure.

I've attached the .mscz file. I'm using MuseScore 1.2 on Windows XP.

Thank you.


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nudge.png 29.35 KB
Shawm-Emo-37.mscz 3.46 KB


Yes, double-click the note you want to nudge (or select it and press CTRL+E) then use arrow keys to move left or right.

Holding CTRL or SPACE whilst nudging gives varying finer degrees of nudge :)


Thanks to you both. That works a treat.

This is part of a (very) background project I have of transcribing The Shawm, an American hymnal printed in 1854. In the book, there are generally four staffs in the order: Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Bass. MuseScore provides ideal tools for re-notating this in a more modern way.


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