Mouse input does not work for staves with hidden empty staves below them

• May 22, 2017 - 04:25
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Hey, I was editing a piece and when I got into note input mode, I couldn't add notes to my tenor sax part with the mouse! It acted as if the staff wasn't there, and tried to add notes on a whole bunch of ledger lines from the staves directly above and below. I can still add notes by typing in the letter name, but that is not optimal at all. Also, while it's like that through the majority of the score, there are sections that will let me add notes normally. There are also a couple of measures that stop recognizing the trumpet part as well, and if I try put a note on the tenor sax, it adds an extreme amount of ledger lines from the bass staff overlapping the trumpet and tenor sax staves. Also at the end it stops recognizing the Baritone sax. All the parts had been previously written, it's just editing. The problem seems to go away when I have it set so empty staves are shown, but comes right back when empty staves are hidden. This was not an issue before. This is incredibly strange. And frustrating. Please help. Also, I can't send pictures because 2 MB is too small a file size for the photos my phone takes.


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Those issues are similar, but here's the difference: everything I'm trying to edit already has notes on the staff in the sections I'm editing, and there's no hidden instrument that all of a sudden appears. For example, with the section that wouldn't let me add notes with the mouse for the tenor sax and trumpet, and showed for the bass, those 3 instruments already had notes in the section I was editing, and their staves were plainly visible. But in note input mode, when my mouse is over the sax or trumpet staff, it just shows notes with lots of ledger lines for the bass part, overlapping those 2 staves. Also at the end, it goes down to only 4 parts, and the bari sax is the lowest part. When I tried adding notes in note input mode, it just wouldn't show anything when my mouse was hovering over the bari sax staff, as if the staff wasn't there. Most of the notes I was trying to add were supposed to be on the staff and not require ledger lines. Also, my computer isn't connected to wifi right now, so I can't really upload the piece. I may try on Tuesday to go to a hotspot.

Here's the score. From measure 9 through 16 it won't let me add notes the alto sax in note input mode with the mouse. In measures 17 through 64 the alto goes back to normal, but I can't add notes to the tenor sax. 69-88 alto stops working again. 105-108 tenor stops working. 121-128 and 137-144 Baritone sax stops working. 145-148 alto stops working. 149-152 alto sax and trumpet stop working, although at a couple points if I try to add notes to the alto's staff, it will assume I'm trying to add super high notes to the trumpet staff, athough if it's too low, it will just show the arrow on the mouse and not recognize either staff. 153-161 tenor sax and trumpet stop working. 197-200 Tenor stops working. 201-212 Baritone Sax stops working. It appears to only affect the lowest Saxophone of the system or sometimes the trumpet. It doesn't change in the middle of a system, and doesn't happen when all instruments are present in the system. I also added a screenshot as an example of what would it would show.

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Title Can't add notes to certain instruments on staff Mouse input does not work for staves with hidden empty staves below them
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It's definitely related but indeed slightly different in that in your case, the notes go onto a visible staff, not one of the hidden ones. But it's the same basic core issue - mouse input not correctly accounting for hidden staves. Solution is to not use the mouse but instead any of the other input methods (eg, typing the letter names, or the Piano Keyboard window, or MIDI).