The Concert Band Soundfont

• May 21, 2017 - 23:42

I have created a soundfont that is just an overlay for your Concert Band. Meaning that Not all MIDI sounds are there, just the ones that are commonly used in a Concert Band.

Stereo Grand (General User)
Glockenspiel (Arachno)
Vibraphone (General User)
Marimba (General User)
Xylophone (General User)
Tubular Bells (Arachno)
Accoustic Bass (General User)
Double Bass (General User)
Stereo String Trem (General User)
Timpani (SGM)
Trumpet (General User)
Trombone (General User)
Tuba (General User/Fluid_Mono Mixed)
Muted Trumpet (General User)
French Horn (Univ. of Iowa Electronic Studios)
Soprano Sax (Univ. of Iowa Electronic Studios)
Alto Sax (Univ. of Iowa Electronic Studios)
Tenor Saxophone (
Baritone Sax (Fluid_Mono)
Oboe (General User)
English Horn (SGM)
Bassoon (Fluid_Mono)
Clarinet (Real_Font)
Piccolo (Real_Font)
Flute (General User)
Horn (General User)
Gong (Timbres of Heaven)
Concert Bass Drum (General User)
Standard (Percussion) (General User)
Orchestral (Percussion) (General User)

Try it Out:


I was trying to use the trumpet and I thought it sounded great with short notes. With long notes however, it has a diminuendo effect which makes the other instruments louder. Any way to fix that?

This is a great soundfont, I love it! I would suggest however adding a tambourine and cabasa. But everything else is spot on!

So I know this is years later, but I have recently begun using this soundfont for my pieces and I absolutely love the sounds! I've run into a small problem that most of the instrument playback does not properly crescendo or decrescendo when written. Has this been fixed or is there a way I can fix it on my end?


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If you mean, within a single note, then probably you need to change the CC method in View / Synthesizer / Dynamics - the default settings typically only works with the default soundfonts provided by MuseScore. You may have to experiment to find what works with this or any other third-party soundfont.

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