Installing 1.3 in Ubuntu 10.04

• Mar 9, 2013 - 06:11

Can mscore 1.3 can be installed in Ubuntu 10.04?



As far as I know there is only packages for precise and up. You could try to compile it yourself. Note that Lucid will not be supported by the Ubuntu community starting next month, April 2013. If you want to run the latest software, run the latest distrib...

If you are worried about upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 (or 12.10 or 13.04) because it has the Unity desktop and it all looks too different to what you have become used to, just go for xubuntu 12.04, ubuntu studio or a different (but will be sufficiently familiar to you) distro such as Linux Mint. Burn a "Live CD" or download an iso and create a Live USB and give them a try first.

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Thanks for the comment. I've already tried Ubuntu 12.10 and liked it a lot. It's not difficult to replace Unity with Gnome 2 (or Gnome 2 fallback). Alas, upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.10 is impossible on my main machine. I get serious warnings and ultimately it refuses to complete the upgrade. I can't afford the week or two it would take to reload all my applications and tweak the settings, as well as import the local data.

On a flashdisk I've tried Xubuntu 12.04 and it looked good until the bugs started marching in, though even worse was the inclusion of Google Custom Search, which nearly drove me to distraction. It is truly the search engine from Hell if you're doing online research for a living. Recently on the same flashdisk I installed Mint, which is sort of interesting but also prone to bugs -- though the killer is the same damned Google Custom Search. You cannot get rid of that horrible application, and I was unable to train myself to avoid putting searches in the main search box.

FYI, you can bypass Google Custom Search by going through a little song-and-dance with the Home button, but for me searches are an automatic activity and I was unsuccessful in replacing that basic action. To think I actually used to champion Google.

Meanwhile, the only solution seems to be to buy a larger flash disk and load up the current Ubuntu along with Musescore 1.3. So much time is wasted getting all this stuff to work.

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