Prevent empty text on Tempo Text

• May 20, 2017 - 10:24
Reported version
S4 - Minor

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To reproduce:
1. create a new tempo marking
2. go in text edit mode on the marking
3. delete all text

Result: Tempo marking is still present, but there is no visible way for the user to know.

Expected Result: either prevent this and make the marking invisible or (from a consistency pov with other text elements) remove the marking if its text is cleared.


I cannot confirm using 2.1, and actually I recall this being fix a long time ago. Can you attach your specific and more precise steps to reproduce? In particular, what leads you to believe the tempo marking is still present? I saved the score in MSCX format and viewed with a text editor and confirmed no tempo text is written to the file. Another way to check: start by making sure there are no other tempo markings. After creating an empty one as described, add a regualr one. Now right click it, Select / All Similar Elements. If there were still an empty tempo text, the status bar would change from showing the tempo text to saying "List Selection".

Status (old) needs info closed

I started off by looking at the score attached to the referred thread (and I'll elaborate on that there). Then I made an assumption; but I'm indeed unable to reproduce in 2.0.3. Apologies for the fuss.