joining movements in 2 files into 1 file

• Mar 3, 2013 - 23:08

Musescore 1.3 win xp sp3
I have a work in five sections in five different files. I wish to join them together into 1 file and keep the ancillary VBoxes for subtitles etc.
They do all have the same instruments but different layouts


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Since copy/paste doesn't get all markings or other settings, this isn't really viable as a way of managing large scores, at least not on an ongoing basis. The Album feature in 2.0 does sound good. Meanwhile, if you have a large work you are breakng into several files - perhaps for performance reasons (MuseScore gets slower with larger scores) than maybe generating PDF's and assemblng ith soething like "pdfsam" (PDF Split and Merge, free / open source) would be a good way to go for now.

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I haven't had any performance problems yet on my zippy laptop but it is another justification for splitting large files and editing in chunks like you would a large word document, wouldn't you?
By the way, the spellchecker doesn't know musescore or spellchecker.
I didn't know about PDFsam, very interesting.
Thanks for intelligent reply.

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