MuseScore Portable download link is broken

• Mar 2, 2013 - 10:21
S4 - Minor

The download link for the portable version ( is broken.
I get a: "Sorry, this is a wrong download link. Go back"

Note: We did a quick Revision, see


Not sure whether tis is the right place, but MuseScorePortable.exe creates a directory Data in its current directory, regardless whether MiseScorePortable.ini specifies to use a different one. It later correctly uses the one from the ini file though, so there's an empty Data left.

Oh, thanks. Good find. Sorry, my bad. :(
On first run the portable launcher sets the MuseScore working directory to Data and not to the directory specified in MuseScorePortable.ini. Best thing to do is change this in Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Working directory too.

I don't know if I'll do another revision, most users seem to use the default paths.
Thanks again for the report, it'll be fixed in next version (either 1.3 Rev 3 or 2.0).

On the second thought, I don't know if I change the behavior.
Working directory isn't the same as settings directory and another entry for working directory in MuseScorePortable.ini doesn't make sense, because you can change the working directory within MuseScore preferences.
Or do you think that on first run working directory should be set to settings directory?

I have my working directory set to some other place in MuseScore settings.
It seems MuseScorePortabel first ceates Data, then detects that it should go somewhere else.
Instead it should make sire that the SettingsDirectory from the ini file exsists (in my case MuseScorePortable\Data\settings) and change its base directory (here MuseScorePortable\Data\) rather than creating an otherwise unused directory. But this is a minor nit. And 1.2 had that problem too.

Status (old) active fixed

The installer creates the Data folder on install/upgrade, so it'll be there in any case.
I see now that MuseScore Portable sets its working directory to Data too. Maybe I'll change it to:
working directory of MuseScore Portable=working directory of MuseScore itself OR
working directory of MuseScore Portable=entry in MuseScorePortable.ini.
I'll have to think about it and test how it works.

I'll close this issue ticket because I think we have hijacked the topic enough. Feel free to open new issues here or at the forums of, if you have some issues, suggestions,...

Thanks to both of you. :)

I would like to know if there is still a portable version of the 1.3 version, I like writing certain parts for scores on it, Marching percussion, I know you can do it on 2.1 but its weird for me (snare notes arent on the line) so i use 1.3, I would like to see if there is still one for the 1.3, all i find is 2.1

I assume you can still find it somewhere online. You should ask in the Support forum, but more important, you should start a thread explainign what problem you are having with the snare drum. 2.0 shoudl be able to do everything 1.3 can do and much more, and do it much more easily as well. So probably you are simply misunderstanding something.

I tried to bring up the problem but it seems to be fixed on my part It used to happen, so somehow the problem got fixed. the only thing I don't like 2.1 for is that when you upload a score with this percussion, it plays a piano, because musescore doesnt seem to be able to play back non musescore sound fonts or I may be doing something wrong.

I don't understand though. Earlier you said something about a score in which a snare drum note that was supposed to be on a staff line was not. At least, that's how I understood it. If you have such a score that demonstrates a bug, it is very important you report the bug, or we can't fix it.

As for drums that use non-standard soundfonts playing back using piano once uploaded, that is not a difference between 1.3 and 2.0 - both should be the same. Again, if you have a specific score that shows some sort of bug - a difference between 1.3, it is very important you report the bug, or we can't fix it.