"Enable Sound While Editing" Button Disengages When "Play" Is Clicked

• Feb 24, 2013 - 16:17

When I (recently) first installed and ran MuseScore, I engaged the "Enable Sound While Editing" button, and henceforth I'd click the "Start or Stop Playback" button and I'd hear the score.
When I fired up MuseScore yesterday, and again today, when I click Start (or Spacebar), the "Enable Sound While Editing" button automatically pops up into disengage mode and I don't hear anything.
I can't find anything about this in Preferences.
What's more, at the same time the Enable Sound While Editing pops up into disengage mode, the adjacent "Enable Midi Input" also pops up into disengage mode. Seems there's some connection between the two.
I did a search for forum topics on the subject of failed playback sound, but couldn't find anything. If anyone can direct me to any kind of general discussions of problems of not getting any sound output, I'd much appreciate it. I read http://musescore.org/en/node/10614 but couldn't find anything helpful. I'll try "Revert to factory settings" if all else fails.

(NB: I'm Running v. 1.2 and Win7, and I confirmed that my computer's sound output is working correctly before posting here)


Hi beau -

The Enable Sound While Editing button doesn't have to do with playback. That just tells MuseScore - when you are adding notes to the staffs in your score, whether or not to play the notes you enter. That is, if you put a C on the staff, do you want MuseScore to play a C.

Playback sound is something different. Here, you need to check the volume, etc.


Thanks so much Shoiichi and FiFist for your (super-prompt!) replies ~
After I posted, I ran MuseScore again about 2 hours later and it all works fine . . go figure!!
I've made notes on the Preference settings for I/O, in case the problem recurs, hopefully will be able to fix without posting more questions!
I will also make a close study of the links to other postings on this subject, I'm sure after some usage I'll become familiar with MuseScore's ins and outs (forgive the pun).

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