Chord Symbols with rectangles

• Feb 21, 2013 - 15:28
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Open "All Dudes". Only the first letter of the chors symbols are shown.

Win XP SP3, Version MuseScoreNightly-2013-02-12-2308-cce7968

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I don't even see the boxes following the main symbol, as your picture shows. And when I double-click to edit, the chord symbol disappears. Nightly 4c22a49, Win8 64-bit.

I assume this is related to the change a few months back where we moved the flat, sharp, and other musical symbols in the various music fonts to their correct Unicode locations. There is or will be stuff on place to allow old scores to continue to work, but chord symbols are actually different from other text, sicne the codepoints are not hardcoded into the score file but read on the fly from the chord description XML. Anyhow, I probably still need to update the chord description XML files. Athough I'm confused because other scores do appear to work for me. So I'll have to investigate further.

But I get too far, though, does anyone know the overall status of this whole music-symbol-moving operation? Are all fonts built in to MuseScore now putting the music symbols in the Unicode locations as they should? I don't know how to examine the fonts compiled into MuseScore as I can for regular standalone fonts. Also, is the code fully in place now to automatically substitute new codepoints for old on the fly for ordinary text? I'm trying to understand if I'm still shooting a moving target, or if everything is now settled except for the chord description XML files.

First, the version of All dudes in the nightly is different than the one in MuseScore 1.X. This last one should be used to test. The one in nightly is useless.

In MuseScore 1.x, there is no text in the score itself, only references (ids) to be matched in the chord file. And the chord file is "linked" by name only.

Regarding the move of symbols, it's not completely done, but it's still the plan. There is indeed a substitution done when reading text element in a MuseScore 1.x file. All text in MScore1 font are transformed in FreeSerifMscore (the new unicode font) and in any text, these symbols are substituted.

The fonts compiled into MuseScore are available here :

One missing feature is the access to unicode codepoint for the current font in the special character dialog (aka the F2 palette)